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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Union Hill Garden Project Returns!

Help low income families plant their own vegetable and flower gardens to provide nutritious low-cost food and to beautify the neighborhood. Learn basic gardening skills and meet members of a community that we serve at VCU Medical Center. We are planting fruit trees and flowers in a 'community orchard', maintaining existing garden spaces, and planting family vegetable and flower gardens.

This activity qualifies for service learning hours, and may qualify for LINK hours. Please bring $5 if you want to share the Pizzas for lunch.

The next Garden Event is scheduled for:

Saturday, September 15th
Meet at 871 N 22ND St

Volunteers with our pear tree and a large amount of trash we picked up!
Special thank you to all of wonderful volunteers, the neighborhood residents and kids that help out, and Barnes and Noble for providing generous funds to support this project.

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