Green Affairs Wants Your Enthusiasm and Ideas!

MCV Green Affairs focuses on making MCV campus at VCU and the Richmond community greener through service and education. This student-led organization welcome students, faculty, and staff, from all schools and disciplines, both medical and academic from either campus, as well as Richmond community members to help us pursue our goals of educational outreach, increased recycling access, improved sustainable practices and policies at VCU, and community outreach. Email Green Affairs to share your ideas or to get involved.

VCU Community Garden

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Need a place to plant, room to grow, some sunny earth of your own? Get involved in VCU's community garden and get growing your own vegetables, flowers and herbs! Registration is now open for the Fall semester. Fill out this survey to apply:
Registration deadline is Friday, August 10th. Register early as space is limited and we cannot guarantee everyone a plot.

At the VCU community Garden, faculty, staff, and students are able to grow their own vegetables, flowers, and herbs and choose from a variety of different plot types based on the amount of time they would like to commit. No gardening skills are necessary to sign up for a plot. Workshops will be offered at little or no cost that will teach basic gardening and related skills like companion planting, efficient watering, seed saving, composting, and organic gardening techniques that will naturally enrich soil nutrients and improve plant growth.

Grow your own...
Take home your own fresh, local, organic produce or donate to charity; access to reduced-cost gardening workshops; grow enough food to supplement a small family's food supply and save money on groceries

...Or share a plot with friends!
Share your own fresh, local, organic produce amongst your group or donate to charity; access to reduced-cost gardening workshops; lower time commitment the more people get involved. Form a group with your friends, roommates, department, or student group to grow food together. Develop team-building skills while growing your own fresh and nutritious food to share.

The VCU Community garden has two plots designated solely for donations. We need your help in these gardens! If you are interested in volunteering, email and let us know. We'll add you to our volunteer email list so that you can hear about any upcoming opportunities. You'll also be given access to a volunteer Google doc where you can sign up to help water the plots.

We have Hugelkutur and Wicking Beds
These gardens store or hold water below the surface, and require less water to maintain. Crops often have increased production due to a more optimal level of moisture in the soil. You'll get to take home your own fresh, local, organic produce or donate to charity; and have access to reduced-cost gardening workshops.

Plot Prices:
All plots include free use of water from on-site spigots and free access to shared garden tools. All plot sizes require a $10 deposit which will be returned at the end of the term if the plot has been well maintained and is cleaned out before the next term begins.  There are 3 semester terms in a year: Spring, Summer, and Fall. Save money by purchasing an entire year rather than all 3 semesters.

Small plot (5'w x 3.5'd)
Semester: $10 + $10 deposit
Year: $20 + $10 deposit

You will have room to grow about 3 tomato plants, 4 trellised cucumber plants, 9 pepper plants, or 12 lettuce plants.

Medium plot (5'w x 7d')
Semester: $15 + $10 deposit
Year: $35 + $10 deposit

You will have room to grow about 5 tomato plants, 7 trellised cucumber plants, 20 pepper plants, or 25 lettuce plants.

Large plot (7.5w' x 7'd)
Semester: $25 + $10 deposit
Year: $45 + $10 deposit

You will have room to grow about 8 tomato plants, 12 trellised cucumber plants, 30 pepper plants, or 40 lettuce plants.